Beginner HIIT Workout

by | Feb 16, 2020

What are HIIT Workouts

I often get asked what is the most efficient workout i can do at home to burn calories and lose weight, and i usually recommend a (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training workout.

This is a workout which alternates between intense bursts of physical activity and then a period of less intense activity, usually with short rest intervals in between. Its this level of intense activity which encourages the body to continue burning calories even after you have completed the workout. Its one of the most popular, efficient and effective ways to burn fat and is perfect for people who want to work out from home and make the most out of there workout time.

This is a beginners HIIT workout to help introduce you and give you a little insight into why HIIT workouts can be so effective. Its designed so that it can be done at home with minimal equipment and focuses on low impact exercises so that those of you who are new to this type of workout wont harm your joints.

Modifying The Workout

If you find the workout getting easier here are a few things you can do to keep it challenging

  1. Reduce to rest period between each workout giving you less recovery time.
  2. Increase the workout circuit to 3 laps so that you perform each exercise 1 more time each.

The advantages of HIIT workouts are that they are ideal if your traveling working out at home or on the go, the HIIT workout is just a very quick and easy way to increase fitness and burn calories to lose weight.


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