How Many Calories Should I Eat

by | Jul 27, 2020

Losing Weight and Healthy Living

Losing weight and Healthy Living are all things that we aspire to do, especially during this quarantine, when we can not get our daily/weekly dosage of gym time. The universal question of “how many calories should I eat per day to lose weight healthily?” unfortunately doesn’t have a single correct answer. It varies from person to person according to their weight, their height, their lifestyle, their genes and even where they live.

Counting calories with BMR

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean having to replace all your junk food with carrot sticks and other healthy veggie snacks, but rather a more balanced diet, with control over what you eat and the taste buds that lure you into having several more ‘cheat’ days than is required. Not that dieting doesn’t help, it does, but be careful about the structuring of your diet.

Calorie Intake

To healthy sustain your weight, you simply have to ensure that the amount if energy that is consumed by you, is equal to the amount of energy that you spend, by being physically active. For example, it would be advisable for a sportsperson to eat more calories, than say someone sitting on the couch at home all day.

For women, it is typically advisable to consume 2,000kcal per day due to their physical structure of having a greater fat to muscle ratio then men, which results in slower metabolism rates. A healthy routine of weight loss is to aim to reduce 0.5-1kg per week (1-2lb), which can be achieved by reducing your intake of 500kcal per day.

Portion Size

Another helpful tip to reducing weight, is lowering portion size sensibly, and not allowing yourself to be tempted by larger portions of food. A tip is to use smaller plates, so that you feel more satisfied by your actual portions and try not to watch TV whilst eating. This is because, we tend not to pay attention to our food intake whilst watching and often eat more.  Try to replace energy drinks with fruit juices, frying food with grilling them and try to opt for wholegrain options. Cutting down on excessive snacking will also do wonders to help out on weight loss.

Staying Active

We understand that it is rather hard to go out and get exercise at the moment, but there are several easy and efficient substitutions that can be introduced into your new lifestyle. By climbing up and down the stairs a number of times, it counts towards your walking, and helps to burn more calories. Also, as addictive as bingeing series may be, it is better to constantly be moving, rather than sitting in the same place for hours together at a time. There are thousands of work-out at home videos online now, that you could practice, or maybe learn the dance steps for your favorite song.

Essential Rest

Sleep is also a rather important factor of weight loss, although it concentrates more on the mental aspects of weight loss. An average of 8 hours a night is the recommended sleep duration for adults. Studies have proven that those who have slept for less than 6 hours, tend to become depressed, which leads to more snacking, due to less control over your appetite.

Although there aren’t any specifications about how many calories, because ultimately it depends on you and your body type, we can recommend these general tips to helping you with healthy weight loss and how to sustain your weight. Be sensible and Have fun!


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