How To Get Motivated To Workout

by | Jun 20, 2020

How to get motivated to workout is often a very big barrier to overcome for many people, its often a common question i get asked. I truly think that everybody has it in them to change there mindset and find the motivation to start working out and find consistency in there health and fitness journey. Afterall im talking from my own experience and battles with motivation.

With that in mind im going to try to give my viewpoint and experience on what it took me to really get motivated and find consistency with my fitness and nutrition.

The most common hurdle i hear from people and one that i also found a problem is not having enough time to fit exercise into my daily routine with an already hectic lifestyle, let alone find time to cook a healthy meal. I used to tell myself this all the time and unfortunately its the very first hurdle, i and many of you will have to get get over for this mindset to change. Without this first step of admitting to yourself that you will find time, and remove the “i cant” mindset then you will find it difficult to find success.

Motivation is the next hurdle for people to overcome. Many of us have tried diets, fasting or even bootcamps but still struggle with results. After a while people loose motivation because they dont see results fast enough, and in my own personal experience i had the same problem until i found that consistency is key. I used to really struggle with motivation and if your anything like me you tell yourself that tomorrow is the day that i will start and then that gets moved to starting monday. Tomorrow never comes, but what wilkl make the difference is if you take action NOW.

I dont mean stop what your doing and start this second, although if you are feeling inspired to do that then great! What i mean is to committing to action today/tonight i will do 10-15 minuets of exercise. It could be something as simple as going for a walk, jog or a cycle , it doesn’t matter, what matters is the simple action of just doing it. You commit to it and you follow it through, and when you have finished you will feel better and have a sense of self achievement that you can now build on and help it motivate you for the rest of the week. Use this first workout to hold yourself accountable to keep going because this is where i found myself many times and once i took action and started, it was the stepping stone because i felt that i didn’t want to let myself down after the effort of starting in the first place. Once i had a week of workouts under my belt it felt like the motivation was self fulfilling as i didnt want all the previous effort to be in vein and it was all the motivation i needed to carry on.

What i found was that action lead to motivation and believe that this was the driving force that gave me consistency when working out



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