by | Apr 13, 2020

Commiting To Working Out

These are strange and unfamiliar times that we all find ourselves in, being in lockdown and isolation from friends family and work, so many of us are now finding some extra time on our hands and considering getting back into fitness. If you have decided to dig out and dust off your trainers/sneakers then its a good idea to have a realistic expectation of what you might be signing up for.

Doing a 45 minute workout 1-2 times a week is great and you are doing more than the majority of people but realisticly its going to take a bit more commitment than that.

Eating healthy all week is also a great idea and again is considerably more effort than most, but abandoning your nutrition plan over the weekend for treats and convenient food will not get you in shape and again is going to require a bit more commitment.

Im really not trying to put you off, i want people to get fit and healthy, thats my job. All i want is to give people a little reality check to what you need to do to really commit and start to see improvements and results through changes in lifestyle and through consistent commitment to a lot of small changes.

Making Small Changes

A great place to start is with your diet. This does not mean you need to go a throw out alot of the contents from your kitchen cupboards and change it all for fruit and vegetables (although that is one way of doing it).

Instead make a concious effort to start replacing some of the bad unhealthy foods and replace them with healthier more nutricios options one by one. Swapping out buscuits and crisps for portions of fruit or other healthier snacks like greek fat free yogurts or changing soda for water. Making these small modifications in your diet will slowly turn into habits which can then turn into lifestyle changes.

Break the Cycle and Change Your Lifestyle

Theres no time like the present, start today.

Begin by writing down your goals and then try to identify particular aspects of your daily lifestyle that could be preventing you from making changes.

Begin with something small and easy to change like reducing the sugar in your tea or coffee, or maybe make your own healthy lunch to take to work with you each day so you dont get tempted by the vending machines.

The more small changes eventually turn into a more significant transformation in your lifestyle which is more sustainable than making large changes that cant be maintained.

So get out there and start your journey.


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